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Stairlifts ManchesterStairlifts are one of life’s great inventions, allowing you to move freely throughout the entirety your home once more. If you are in need of a stairlift in Manchester then Multicare can offer you the best, 

most professional service available. If you have any questions about our stairlifts Manchester service then please contact one of our friendly and expert team today.

It can become increasingly difficult to navigate the stairs when you reach a certain age or have an injury whether it be permanent or temporary. If you are finding that this a something you are experiencing then you may need to consider a stairlift. Multicare stairlifts have a range of affordable and well-built stairlifts that can be fitted accordingly to your home and will allow you to move freely in your own home. 

Many households have the bathroom located upstairs and this can be a tedious and time-consuming task to repeat throughout the day and evening. Early in the morning and late in the evening, when you’re feeling stiff and tired can be the most strenuous time to attempt to climb the stairs- up or down. These times of day are the times you are most likely to have a fall and potential seriously injure yourself. We often find that stairs become a burden and a real worry for people who find them a challenge.

Moreover, this can also become a huge worry for family members and friends also. If your son or daughter is regularly ringing to check that you’re ok and your grandchildren are offering to support you with getting up and down when they are around after school- then this could be a deciding factor when considering whether it’s time to contact Multicare stairlifts Manchester.

There is no need to feel defeated by your stairs and certainly no need to consider moving to a property that better suits your needs. Having a stairlift installed can potentially change your life. It is an investment in your future happiness and quality of life. Browse through the large stock of life-changing stairlifts we have located on our website, pick out the perfect model for you, and give us a call on 01282 869042.

Stairlift services in Manchester

Curved stairlifts ManchesterWe also offer a rental service on our stairlifts Manchester. This can be a saviour if you have recently been unwell in hospital and are transitioning back home. Often a stairlift is an essential addition to a home in order for an individual to regain independence and help with their rehabilitation process or if someone has unfortunately become terminally ill. There are a number of benefits of stairlift rental:

  • We cover the stairlift maintenance and servicing as well as any parts needed.
  • Available in the latest stairlift models & makes.
  • Free working hours stairlift breakdown cover.
  • Affordable monthly payments.
  • The option of rent to buy the stairlift at any time.
  • Free Removal.
  • Fixed Prices.

One of the biggest factors that can put a spanner in the works when thinking about purchasing a stairlift is the worry that it will cost a considerable amount of money to buy and also run on a daily basis. We are able to boast that our prices are completely reasonable and much less compared to other companies.

Alternatively, if you would like to come and visit our showroom but think you may have trouble getting here, we offer a service whereby a driver will come and pick you up. We understand that when purchasing something that you will be using every day, it is important to get a feel for it first hand and ensure that you are absolutely certain that it is the correct choice of stairlift for you.

Stairlifts available in Manchester:

Multicare is one of, if not the leading supplier and installer of stairlifts in the North of England.  We are proud to say that we have helped and supported thousands of people to regain their independence by providing safe and reliable solutions when someone is struggling with climbing the stairs. At Multicare we know staying in your own home means the world to most people and we are proud to have helped many people overcome the problems they have had climbing up and downstairs.

With over 30 years in the stairlift business, we have the expert knowledge needed to provide an impeccable service. All our customers have been incredibly grateful and impressed with the stairlift installation, maintenance and service we supply. If you’d like to maintain your freedom and independence then please consider giving Multicare stairlifts Manchester a call and let our experts know how we can help you.

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Adapting your home

Needing additional support to get around shouldn’t mean moving home. There are many adaptations you can make to your home to help you get about more easily. From stairlifts to support rails. This handy guide from Age UK has some helpful information on modifying your home to make it safer and more comfortable.

Many people appreciate the comfort of their own home. Especially if it’s a home that’s filled with happy memories of family and friends. Installing a stairlift means keeping your independence as well as enabling you to stay where you feel most at home. 

Get a free consultation from one of our stairlift experts to determine the best type of stairlift installation for you. 

manchester grandparents at home with grandchildren

Stannah stairlifts, Acorn, Handicare and more

We are Manchester’s leading supplier and installer of top stairlift brands, including the award-winning Stannah stairlifts, Acorn stairlifts and more. Browse our range of stairlifts on our website. Or, give us a call to discuss what brands we have in stock currently.

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Stairlift prices suitable for everyone

Stairlifts range in price, depending on the type, manufacturer and installation requirements. You can browse our stairlifts by type on our website. If you’d like a quote or estimate for your chosen stairlift installation, give us a call to speak to a member of our team or complete our online form and we’ll be in touch with your quote. 

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